The Chicago Syndicate: Boss of Los Angeles Mob?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boss of Los Angeles Mob?

Friends of ours: Peter "Shakes" Milano

A long time reader asked me if I was familiar with the current Boss of the Hollywood mafia since Shakes Milano is in semi-retirement. I have discussed it with a few buddies, with some still clinging to Shakes as the Boss and others believing that not to be the case. I am not a big time follower of L.A., so I thought I would open the question to others? Drop me a line if you have a theory.

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  1. he is a old man who has done time on rico.old and tired wealthy and wise,and its fair to say it has passed to rosario gambino jr.thats only speculation ,others have said jimmy caci is the boss ,and rosario gambino jr is the underboss.saying that pete never told on his friends and did his time like a man of respect.nobody wants to be in org crime anymore, life is better legit young people have seen what the feds did to the mobb.look at the gottie family,sr,and jr.


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