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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Anne Hathaway Connected to the Mob?

Anne Hathaway Connected to the Mob?Anne Hathaway, star of "The Devil Wears Prada" and more recently "Becoming Jane", is facing an extradition hearing due to her being accused of running her husband's criminal empire after he was jailed for murder.

The 44-year was said to be "bewildered" by the allegations, which carry a maximum sentence of 24 years.

Friends of the beleaguered film starlet and part time mafia don are equally bewildered as they say they had never realised that she was that old or an Italian underworld Kingpin.

Such is the magic of celluloid it would appear, in "The Devil Wears Prada (Widescreen Edition)" she looks all of 20 something, a good twenty years younger than the police information reports.

Italian investigators believe she passed on instructions from her jailed husband, Cosa Nostra boss Antonio Rinzivillo, to criminal associates, collected earnings, laundered money and sold kittens to Robert Mugabe for his personal consumption.

Rinzivillo was jailed for 30 years after being convicted of drug trafficking and the murder of a Milan lawyer Antonio Mirabelle after he had discovered the baby cat laundering racket and many other shady dealings, so many in fact that Ann Hathaway has had her fingers in so many pies it is difficult to know where to start looking.

Fingers in pies being just one of the more disturbing issues uncovered.

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