The Chicago Syndicate: Chicago Mobster is FBI Mole Charges Defense Lawyers
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Chicago Mobster is FBI Mole Charges Defense Lawyers

Friends of ours: James "Little Jimmy" Marcello, Michael "Mickey" Marcello

The federal prosecution of organized crime figures in Chicago for 18 mob-related slayings has revealed the presence of an FBI mole, a report contends.

A court motion filed by lawyers for the half-brother of reputed Chicago mob boss, James "Little Jimmy" Marcello, says that for 20 years the FBI has had an informant in the Chicago mob who apparently is a "made" member, Chicago's Daily Southtown reports.

Lawyers for Michael "Mickey" Marcello are asking that the 2005 indictment against him be dismissed because of the FBI's continued reliance on an informant who allegedly has taken part in major crimes.

The defense attorneys criticize the government for what they contend was "cavorting with and protecting a 'made mob member' who still must be active in the commission of 'mob' criminal activities."

"No court should sanction the government's use of ... a past and current member of the 'Chicago Outfit' as a confidential informant in this case," the defense motion argued.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago had no comment on the defense filing.

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