The Chicago Syndicate: 'Mafia Cops' Judge to Rule on Bail After Vacation Cruise

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

'Mafia Cops' Judge to Rule on Bail After Vacation Cruise

Friends of ours: Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, Lucchese Crime Family
Friends of mine: Louis Eppolito, Stephen Caracappa

'Mafia Cops' Judge Jack Weinstein tossed the convictions of the two retired New York City detectives that have been dubbed the 'Mafia Cops' on Friday. But now, the judge may make them wait until he finishes his vacation cruise before allowing them to make a bid to get out of jail.

Ex-NYPD detectives Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa will certainly file for bail but according to a report in Newsday - they may have to wait for an answer until the judge returns from a vacation cruise.

Newsday reports that along with his momentous ruling Friday, which overturned the conviction of both men for racketeering conspiracy, Brooklyn federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein issued a terse order that any requests for bail be made to him as "presiding" justice in the case.

That means that any attempt by Eppolito, 57, and Caracappa, 64, to win release from the federal detention center in Brooklyn won't be decided until Weinstein returns from a vacation cruise later this month. However, defense attorneys may file bail requests as early as this week for both men.

On April 6, a jury found Eppolito and Caracappa guilty of 70 counts of racketeering in one of the most sensational cases of police corruption in New York's history. In a month long trial, witnesses testified that the two friends had formed a partnership with Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, an underboss with the Lucchese family, reports the LA Times.

In exchange for a shared $4,000 monthly retainer, they would pass along police information about mob figures and occasionally act as hit men themselves.

The men were each sentenced to life in prison for their crimes.

The United States attorney's office in Brooklyn said it would appeal the judge's decision to overturn the convictions.

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