The Chicago Syndicate: JOE BONANNO'S SON DIES

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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Joseph Bonanno Jr., younger son and namesake of the late mob boss who headed one of New York's five original crime families, has died. He was 60. The younger Bonanno died Nov. 2 at his ranch in Ione, Calif., of a heart attack, his older brother, Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno said last night.

Bonanno, the youngest of three children born to Joseph and Fay Bonanno, followed a different path than his father and older brother. Joseph Bonanno Jr., studied animal husbandry at the University of Arizona, and later owned a 20-acre ranch near Sacramento, Calif. He and his wife of 34 years, Karen, had no children.

Joe Bonanno Sr. died of heart failure in 2002 at age 97. Derisively nicknamed "Joe Bananas," Joe Bonanno Sr. had retired to Arizona in 1968 after allegedly running one of the most powerful Mafia groups during the 1950s and 1960s, though the family had lived in Tucson part-time long before that.


  1. joey bonanno was one of the nicest people on earth and i miss him terribly.

  2. Was the love of my life at one time. He was a sweet boy who wanted a different life style.
    Thru the years I have wondered about his well being and I beleive
    there will be a reunion in Heaven for I truly beleive thats where I'll find him.

  3. Joe: a distant friend and birthday buddy. I will never forget the day we met: me in my towel, you in your red Ferrari!

  4. My uncle went to NY Military Academy with Joe -he would watch this mysterious black car pick Joe up for the weekend and wonder... Rest in peace both of you, guys. May you get to continue your friendship in the hereafter.

  5. I am the nephew of Joe bonanno consigliere Charlie Buffalo I remember when I was a little boy And Uncle Joe telling me to throw my pacifier away I'm a big boy sitting in the back seat of his car going to the Cemetery pay respects to family When I was 5 years old.



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