The Chicago Syndicate: Did the Gambino Crime Family Hire a Mafia Ninja to Stalk Jeffery Epstein?
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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Did the Gambino Crime Family Hire a Mafia Ninja to Stalk Jeffery Epstein?

Jeffery Epstein told police that a man dressed in traditional ninja garb was stalking him during his house arrest. This man was also in the mafia and had ties to the Gambino crime family according to Epstein and his lawyer.

Documents obtained by The Sun reveal that Epstein's lawyer shared this information in a letter to the State's Attorney's Office while asking to modify his client's probation.

Jack Goldberger said that Epstein's security "intercepted a person who was dressed in black like a ninja and hiding in some bushes." The security guards then chased down the man to his car and take down his license details, explained Goldberger. A search of that info then allegedly revealed that man was in the mafia and had strong ties to the Gambino crime family.

The State's Attorney's office sent a measured reply to Goldberger while fuming about the fact that he would even ask to have Epstein's sentence modified in internal emails. In one of these emails, a member of the office states that Epstein got "the deal of the century."

Goldberger was also the man behind the biography of Epstein that was sent to officials during negotiations for that plea deal. Included in that was a testimonial from Ghislaine Maxwell, among others. "My experience of Jeffrey, is of a thoughtful, kind generous loving man, with a keen sense of humor and a ready smile - a man of principles and values and a man of his word," Ghislaine is quoted as saying in a document obtained by The Sun. "If he made a promise, he would always follow through. In fact, I never saw him break a promise."

This testimonial was included in a 15-page biography of Epstein that was sent to Alex Acosta, who was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time.

"He is disciplined in business and conscientious," said Ghislaine, at a time when over 40 minors had come forward with allegations of sexual abuse. "A man always quick to help someone who is down, or to offer an opportunity to someone to pursue a dream or a goal."

The testimonial seemed to work in the end, and Epstein managed to get off with what a member of the State's Attorney's office called "the deal of the century."

Ghislaine was never seen with Epstein after he made his plea deal, but was remained a fixture on the New York social scene. That all changed in 2015 when she was sued by Virginia Roberts for defamation after denying claims of sexual abuse. She then went completely off the map earlier this year following Epstein's latest arrest, and has not been seen in months.

Twelve years after that case, many of the victims are still seeking closure and have pursued lawsuits against the pedophile, who took his own life in August. Those women are now getting a helping hand too from officials at the island territory where a number of them suffered their alleged abuse.

Epstein's estate is being sued by multiple women as well as the Virgin Islands, with the latter hoping to seize or force the sale of his two island properties and other holdings in the US territory.

Thanks to Chris Spargo.

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