The Chicago Syndicate: Does Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Run a #Mafia Protection Racket? @GovRauner Says Yes.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Does Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Run a #Mafia Protection Racket? @GovRauner Says Yes.

Gov. Bruce Rauner went on Fox & Friends this morning and accused House Speaker Mike Madigan of running “a Mafia protection racket.”

Rauner took it up a notch against Madigan by trying to link the speaker’s property tax assessment appeal law firm to corruption this way.

“Basically in the political job he raises property taxes”, said Rauner, “We have the highest property taxes in America. And then on the side, he charges millions of dollars in fees to businesses that are afraid of their property taxes. He reduces them for a fee and then he holds the threat that if they ever cross him, he’ll raise their property taxes. It’s just like the Mafia. It’s a Mafia protection racket!”

Madigan denies this, says he has in place strict ethics rules separating his duties as speaker and lawyer. Also, the legislature doesn’t raise property taxes, local units of government do.

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  1. I completely agree with Governor Rauner. I believe that the FBI should be brought in to investigate the Madigan. The rest of Illinois is sick and tired of of being taxed out of existence to support corrupt politicians and sanctuary cities. The working people of Illinois should no longer be expected to pay for parasitic behavior. Well meaning or otherwise. I applaud Governor Rauner. He knows as do I, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Sincerely; William L. Espy Rockford Illinois



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