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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mobile Gamers Can Join the Mafia with "The Godfather: Family Dynasty" App

In a world where respect must be earned, power means everything, and family rules above all else, The Godfather: Family Dynasty allows mobile gamers to enter the seedy life of a mobster. And this is one hit mobster fans won't be disappointed about.

Get ready to whack the enemy, build your estate and establish yourself as the ultimate crime Family. Mobile games publisher Hitcents, in partnership with Feelingtouch Games and with licensing from Paramount released The Godfather: Family Dynasty mobile game.

At its core The Godfather: Family Dynasty is all about money, power and respect—and don't be surprised that this means the player has to sometimes get their hands dirty and take out the rivals.
Set in the criminal underworld of 1945, player starts off as a foot solider for Don Vito Corleone while making a name for themselves as they build an empire to help The Godfather run the most powerful family in New York City.

When it comes to the gameplay, The Godfather: Family Dynasty is a real-time RPG strategy title. The player is instructed to built and expand the Corleone empire including constructing the Mansion and other buildings, training thugs to use when a hit needs to be made, and making business deals to keep collecting money.

Keep developing the Mansion and "leave the gun, take the cannoli" or complete tasks in order to unlock more doors in the world and earn rewards. The player must make upgrades to buildings and weapons to improve skills and weapons, while defending their territories by mobilizing their crews of Capos and Soliders. The player needs to make profitable investments and provide help to allies in order to succeed and earn respect.

The game starts with an in-depth tutorial to get the player used how to the play the game. And since the game switches from the Corleone empire map to the city map with many things going on in each, it helps that prompts continue to pop up even as the player advances to remind them of tasks and how to complete them.

It's a plus that there are no building times during some of the building, making it easy to advance in the game a bit before taking a break and returning later.

Besides building, the another major part of the gameplay is its battle rounds where the player must take out enemy foot soldiers and their Boss. While the player doesn't have to do anything physically in these battles, it takes strategic planning to come out the winner based on the power and skill of the men from the player's army they use.

There is also a Story Book mode that includes new challenges and provides a way to advance. These include Godfather-themed chapters like "Connie's Wedding" and "Sicilian Oranges." Complete these Story Book challenges in order to "enhance" Capos characters to equip them with various items that make them more powerful.

There is enough going on in this game to keep a player entertained without being too overwhelming with its features. Once the player gets the hang of it, navigating through the game because a piece of cake.

Perfect for those who like a title where they need to rise to the top, and those who enjoy mob movies, The Godfather mobile game delivers on living up to its name.

The chance to play The Godfather: Family Dynasty for free is an offer a mobile gamer can't refuse. Be a wise guy and download the game that is now available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices today.

Thanks to Lauren Keating.

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