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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Debra Gauthier's "Bright Lights, Dark Places"

Little could stand in Debra Gauthier's way. A marathon runner, Debra excelled in the Police Academy, garnering respect as one of the few female police officers in Las Vegas. However, through her twenty-one years on the police force, Debra faced discrimination in the male-dominated profession, suffering demotions and unsafe working conditions when other officers would not provide backup. In addition to the disappointment of injustice, she struggled with her sexuality, becoming entrenched in a homosexual lifestyle. After establishing an identity as a respected police officer, Debra was devastated when her career crumbled. Bright Lights, Dark Places thoughtfully expresses the painful reality of combating biased attitudes and the joy that comes from surpassing limitations. Packed with fascinating stories of a vibrant career, from teaching at the academy to pioneering a bicycle patrol, Bright Lights, Dark Places gives you an inside look at the career of one of the first female officers in Las Vegas. You will be encouraged by this powerful story of one woman finding grace to overcome trials.

1 comment:

  1. Debra Gauthier surely is one tough cookie. She went all through the discrimination and survived all those years in the force. It is no easy feat.



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