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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Almost 1 Million Leave Mafia Wars 2

The sequel to one of Zynga’s most popular social games does not seem to be faring so well according to research firm AppData which estimates that Mafia Wars 2 has lost over 900,000 subscribers over the past four weeks.

The casual game that was launched back in October reached a peak of 2.5 million players but began losing out on players over the past month accounting to 36 per cent of its user base. If that was not bad enough, a Bloomberg report from an anonymous source says that the game has failed to generate expected sales.

Analyst Michael Pachter has pointed out that most of Zynga’s game witnessed at least 20 per cent of their users returning daily to play the game but Mafia Wars 2 falls short to 10 per cent on retaining its daily playing population. “All the old Mafia Wars guys who finished everything you could do came over here and said, ‘This is the same game with different missions.’ They are already tired of it, so they are dropping off. I think it’s a good case study for what can go wrong,” he explained.

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