The Chicago Syndicate: Catherine Greig, White Bulger's Girlfriend, Liked Bad Boys
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catherine Greig, White Bulger's Girlfriend, Liked Bad Boys

An FBI agent says the longtime girlfriend of reputed former Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger told a California hairdresser she "liked bad boys."

Special Agent Michael Carazza testified Wednesday at a bail hearing for Catherine Greig, reports CBS station WBZ.

She's charged with harboring a fugitive. Bulger and Greig were captured last month in Calfornia after 16 years on the run.

Carazza said Greig told the hairdresser that she knew her husband, apparently referring to Bulger, was a bad boy when she married him but had mellowed.

The couple had posed as husband and wife. Greig's lawyer argues she didn't participate in serious crimes and left Boston with Bulger when many people saw him as a "hero-like figure."

Longtime Whitey Bulger associate Kevin Weeks also took the stand on Wednesday to testify on Greig's behalf. He told the court he traveled to Chicago in 1996 to make fake IDs for Whitey and Catherine. He portrayed Greig as a nice woman. "She's a strong person," he stated on the stand. "She's a caring, compassionate person." Weeks also noted that Bulger never included Catherine in "business" and said she was never violent. Family members of

Bulger's victims were set to testify against Greig. They want her to stay behind bars, arguing she protected a murderer for 16 years.

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