The Chicago Syndicate: Mafia Princess Challenges Coco Giancana to Take a DNA Test to Prove She's Granddaughter of Sam Giancana
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mafia Princess Challenges Coco Giancana to Take a DNA Test to Prove She's Granddaughter of Sam Giancana

The daughter of assassinated Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana is challenging a Las Vegas woman to take a DNA test to prove she's Giancana's granddaughter.

Antoinette "Mafia Princess" Giancana, one of the mobster's three daughters, said she does not believe the claim by Coco Giancana, who identified herself as a granddaughter during a Tony Curtis-related interview last week with Vegas Confidential.

"This has really been upsetting to me and my sisters," said Antoinette Giancana, who moved from Chicago to Las Vegas about 14 months ago to be involved in the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana . She added, "We don't know her or of her. I'd like to have a DNA test done. I just don't believe it."

Coco Giancana, who operates a local concierge service, said, "I don't have to prove anything to anybody. If she doesn't like it, that's tough."

According to Coco Giancana, Sam Giancana had an affair with a woman from Oak Park, Ill., who was a film star. "They had a baby. That was my mother."

The mobster visited the family home more than 100 times, said Coco Giancana. "I know where my mother came from and I know who came to our house and I know where the checks came from."

Coco Giancana moved here about 20 years ago, she said, after a career as a top model in New York City for Wilhelmina modeling agency. She grew up across from Jilly Rizzo's joint in New York and was befriended by Rizzo and Sam Giancana's friend Frank Sinatra, "who would take us backstage when I was 16."

Sam Giancana was killed at his Chicago home in 1975 in what appeared to be a mob hit. He was 67.

"There are so many people who claim they are related to us," said Antoinette Giancana.

Coco Giancana said she kept her grandfather's name "because I'm proud of it." She added that she's never taken a DNA test to confirm her link to the organized crime chief.

Her father, whom she did not identify, was a partner with Arnie Morton, who founded Morton's steak restaurants empire. She wasn't shy about filling in the blanks in her biography. During her modeling days, she said she dated the Cincinnati Reds' Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench over a 10-year period starting in the 1970s.

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  1. These people are crawling out of the woodwork. If she doesn't want to take a DNA test, than probably full of crap. But then again, goodfellas do love women.

  2. Annette, I am sure you are right, It's no secret your dad had a few gumads and fine they were,but with everyone now trying to get famous with all the reality TV and B.S. shows now a days, she's obviously just another scheemer, if she was lagit, she would have came out years ago, and knowing you, you would have taken her in your arms, but to pull a shot like this, shes's another wacked out butona, LUV YA, JOEY BAGS from Elmwood

  3. Coco once worked for the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nv., as a security officer. Even back then, she was bragging that she was related to Sam Giancana, and was flashing jewelry on her fingers. The way she obtained the business she has now is by, an accident she had on the Bellagio property, when a large piece of plywood that was set-up as a way to stop the wind from blowing on the officers, collapsed and hit her in the head. She was knocked unconscious, and all the construction workers leaving that day, just stepped over her and headed on home. Another security officer found her flat out on the ground. If, my word was being challenged to prove my birthrights, then I would be more then happy to get a DNA test. She is just using the name to get some reputation in the business world. If, I were the family, I would give an interview and challenge her to prove her statement or discontinue saying she is the illegitimate granddaughter of Sam Giancana

  4. "The way she obtained the business she has now is by an accident she had on the Bellagio property." This is a FALSE statement.The "Anonymous" person making up these LIES has NO information on how the Concierge business was funded. The money most certainly did NOT come from the corporate settlement, as records can prove. "All the construction workers leaving that day just stepped over her and headed on home." This is another FALSE statement. The accident was on a Sunday, no construction workers were working that day. "Another security officer found her flat out on the ground." Another FALSE statement. A construction worker admitted trying to sneak onto the construction site early that Sunday morning, attempting to retrieve his forgotton tools. He was the witness who called the Bellagio security department from his cellular phone, as records show. This "Anonymous" liar is obviously NOT on the Witness Statement List. A few security officers on duty, a supervisor, the single construction worker and an officer from the Control Room who voluntarily came forward to testify under a Confidentiality Agreement, spoke candidly concerning the procedural mistakes of their fellow employees, the rules that were broken, the fact that there was no camera coverage at the outside post. All of their statements are confidential. The person who posted these comments would know that and would be aware of the Confidentiality Agreement stating NOT to talk about the events that occurred, which ultimately determined the amount of the settlement.

  5. Regarding the illiterate comments posted as "Anonymous" but then signed at the end by Joey Bags from Elmwood..."she's obviously just another SCHEEMER, if she was LAGIT, she would have CAME out years ago, SHES'S another wacked out BUTONA..." Mr. Bags, better you should spend your time searching for the spell check button on your computer, try reading a dictionary, and learn how to construct a sentence using a period once in awhile instead of a hundred commas.
    Some advice for the next news reporter who gets CONNED into thinking he's doing an interview with the REAL Coco Giancana...don't rely on any phony "set-up" phone conversations, don't rely on texts from stolen cellulars, don't rely on HACKED email addresses for your correspondence. Had the reporter requested a face-to-face, he would have been denied an interview and been told NO personal stories...but he would have seen who he was really talking to. She's NEVER talked to anyone in the media. That's what would have happened if the reporter had gotten in touch with the REAL woman with that name.
    Very unique and creative "Media Push" for the people who wanted to get their new venture advertised for free and stir up phony controversy at the expense of a business woman who has worked diligently and stayed mum in the media, her entire life. Isn't that what the "mob" has done in it's entire existence...set up innocent people, threaten people, create lies, start rumors, ruin people's good reputations when they refused to cooperate with them, damaging people at any expense in order to gain what they want? Coco Giancana NEVER spoke to ANY reporter... it was someone pretending to be her. Cease commenting on a subject if you have no inside knowledge about it.

  6. Nobody "is crawling out of the woodwork" or "pulling a shot like this." Coco Giancana was in the public eye beginning in her younger years. Her name has appeared in The New York Post, she's modeled in several fashion magazines, done numerous television commercials and appeared in several television shows as an extra. She has dated a list of famous men,traveled in celebrity inner circles, frequented the homes of politicians and celebrities and has NEVER spoken to the media regarding being "related" to anybody. She has NOT been in hiding her entire life and has been publicly known as Coco Giancana for years.

  7. Coco Giancana did NOT give this "interview" to reporter Norm of The Las Vegas Review Journal, or to any other reporter. It is a FAKE interview folks. This so called "interview" is a set-up to make things up, about the real Coco Giancana. Whoever decided to offer this incorrect information to the reporter must work for or with, the new Mob Experience Museum at the Tropicana Hotel. Anybody think Coco may have said "no" to cooperating with the new museum? Maybe they asked her for photos, keepsakes, old birthday & Christmas cards and she refused to be a part of this museum? Maybe Antoinette Giancana wanted to get herself in the news again by creating false stories??? Don't be so ignorant to read these phony stories or believe anything that's posted on Google or Yahoo. She never spoke to a reporter in her life about anyone in the Giancana Family. Mind your own business and ask the person yourself, if you have any questions.

  8. As for the statement by Anonymous on Nov.15th,2010.. I have reliable information that is Coco who posted that statement, if there is any questions then maybe someone could speak with Security on dayshift and get the real story. Coco nice try, but you are a fake all the way through and last heard you lost the business...

  9. Security dayshift wouldn't be the right department to ask questions to. The Investigations Division for the entire MGM-Mirage Corporation would be the place to start...they placed her there. Mr. Lanni knew why.

  10. We live down the street from Coco's Frisco house. She didn't "lose her business." She's been battling cancer for the past 2years and SOLD her business to a former employee. Shame on you for telling tales when you don't know the real story. What's the matter with you?

  11. Our neighbors told us this article was here! It's amazing how strangers think they can just write anything they want without even being on the inside loop. Coco wasn't the person who called the Review Journal and gave that interview. Everyone that knows her personally for years, knows what happened. A former employee who was fired by Coco, did that to damage her reputation because she was so angry she was fired. The woman was prosecuted. Coco has never spoken out publicly due to her attorneys advising her. So why don't you print this and tell the right story and stop letting these morons make uneducated comments when they don't know what went on? No wonder Coco left Las Vegas and moved to Calif. We've known her since 1970. Get a grip people.

  12. Federal agent/expedited covert search warrents/U.S. operative operating under false identy/expert in deposition details with high level diplomats/de-briefings expert/protection detail for high security government witnesses/a flag/she's a kite/Corporate Security intelligence gathering for CEO/careful what you're digging for/25 years experience and you have no idea the murky waters you're trying to swim in...quiet.



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