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Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Spot - The Only Regularly Published Magazine on Early 20th Century Crime and Crime Control Needs You!

Letter from Rick Mattix the force behind the excellent Early 20th Century Crime magazine - On the Spot.

First off, Thanks to all our loyal supporters who've kept this thing going for over two years! Thanks to our readers, Thanks to our advertisers, Thanks to those loyal subscribers who've chosen to stay with us, and another extra-special Thanks to our (unpaid) contributors who've furnished us with so many great historical articles!

Now, for the rest of you, On the Spot is ON THE SPOT! We're printing and mailing this -- THE ONLY REGULARLY PUBLISHED MAGAZINE ON EARLY 20TH CENTURY CRIME AND CRIME CONTROL -- out of our own pockets and, contrary to what some of you may think We Are Not Independently Wealthy! Virtually all money generated from sales of On the Spot Journal is spent printing and mailing it to our subscribers throughout North America, the UK, and Europe.

If you want to keep this thing afloat, or if you have any serious interest whatever in crime history, I urge those who haven't subscribed to do so and those subscribers who haven't renewed to do so. We simply can't keep going otherwise and that would be A REAL CRIME.

Authors and publishers, museums, event planners, etc.: We need advertisers. If you've got a book to sell, or other cops and robbers merchandise, stuff pertaining to Prohibition or Depression era, etc., write us for advertising rates ( Authors are again invited to donate promo books for new subscribers, which has aided our sales in the past.

Our planned move to MagCloud for future publishing and individual issue sales has been rescheduled to begin with our Fall 2009 issue, if we can keep going until then.

Here are some great articles scheduled for the near future that may never see
publication without your help:

Crime in the Catskills: The Capture of Waxey Gordon
by John Conway

Margaret Collins -- “The Kiss of Death Girl”
by Rose Keefe

Roy Gardner: The Last of the Old West Badmen
by Robert E. Bates

Eastern State Penitentiary: A Bastion of Solitude
by Gregory Peduto

Last Days of the Brady Gang
by Richard Shaw

Whiskey Women, Moonshining Mamas and Bootlegging Babes
by Kate Clabough

Plus book reviews, news of upcoming events, etc.

We need help to keep this thing going.

Rick Mattix

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