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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mafia's "Daddy" Arrested

Police have arrested 10 members of the infamous Pruszkow mafia gang, including one of the leaders, Piotr S., also known as ‘Daddy’.

Agents from the Central Bureau of Investigation and National Police Headquarters had to set up a roadblock to detain the men – members of the Warsaw suburb-based organized crime gang - who attempted to make a getaway.

The first arrest occurred Sunday when agents detained four men. Tuesday morning, police forced their way into six apartments in Warsaw and detained the another six people.

The men are charged with drug trafficking and participating in an organized criminal group.

On Monday, Warsaw City Courts decided to detain the first four men captured for three months in jail as they await trial. The other six men will be in court today.

The investigation into the Pruszkow organization is being carried out under the supervision of Poland’s Attorney General.

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