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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The ABA Journal, Family Secrets Trial Appeals and Connie's Pizza Included in Shark's Tales

Attorney Joseph "The Shark" Lopez returns with more Shark Tales. The ABA Journal's January 2008 issue included an article titled Full Court Coverage. It is a very nicely done piece that addressed the question: "What happens when defense counsel and ordinary citizens blog about high-profile trials?". Both Joseph R. Lopez and The Chicago Syndicate were interviewed for perspective on this subject.

One clarifying comment on the article. There is a quote that references the movie The Funeral that is attributed to Joe Batterz. That quote was actually from an article by Josh Casey in a special report for The Chicago Syndicate. Long time readers will recognize that we have had several writers submit their original articles for posting. We actually have a few more under development and have been approached by other attorneys as well about sending their comments from time to time. Stay tuned for that.

Below, "The Shark" brings us up to speed on the next moves in the Family Secrets Case and he provides us a with a restaurant review of a place that he gives a thumbs down.

This months American Bar Journal has an article about this blog, me, and the Family Secrets trial.

Still no word on Assistant U.S. Attorney Mitch Mars who has been on sick leave since October. Mitch was a fixture in the U.S. Attorney's office and great opponent. We all wish him well and hope he can return for round 2.

Shark is preparing a motion to question the anonymous jury under oath and in court under rule 606 of the federal rules. It's clear that something happened in the jury room and the only to find out is to ask the jurors; this case will be in litigation for many more years.

A lot of people I know will not eat Connie's Pizza anymore including myself. I do not like beefer pizza. If you want to beef, you could have told the truth Mr. Stolfe about you and Frank being friends. Instead you were like a coward on the stand. - Jo Shark

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