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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Badfella Henry Hill

Henry Hill, the former mobster immortalized in "Goodfellas," was sentenced Monday to 180 days in jail for threatening his wife and another man last summer. The judge ordered the sentence to be served concurrently with a six-month term Hill is already serving for attempted methamphetamine possession. Hill pleaded no contest to making terroristic threats.

Hill, portrayed by Ray Liotta in the 1990 mob movie, was also given credit for time served after Hill's wife and the other victim wrote letters on his behalf. The victims told the judge they didn't want Hill to receive additional jail time. Hill, 62, will complete both the sentences Dec. 29.

Police say Hill threatened his wife with a knife on July 8 at a hotel, then followed her after she left and threatened the man who had been waiting for her. Hill told The Associated Press last week that this current jail sentence had given him a chance to sober up, and now he has another chance to live a "normal life."

Hill sought refuge in the witness protection program after agreeing to testify against his former New York mob bosses. He has since left the program and lives in North Platte with his wife, who is from the area.

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