The Chicago Syndicate: Otta Da Joint

Friday, October 12, 2007

Otta Da Joint

Nick Boscarino -- an alleged mob associate and former business partner of Rosemont's late Mayor Donald Stephens -- got out of federal prison Friday. Boscarino, 55, did most of the three-year sentence he got for stealing $288,670 in insurance premiums paid by Rosemont in the 1990s. He split it with Ralph Aulenta, an insurance broker who got out of prison last year. Boscarino and Stephens once co-owned a forklift company. A trust fund in the name of Boscarino's wife, Shari, had a $1.5 million stake in the failed Rosemont casino. Illinois casino regulators once asked Boscarino if he ran his wife's trust fund; Boscarino refused to answer. Those authorities thought Boscarino was "at the very least a close associate'' of mobsters.

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