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Thursday, December 27, 2007

America's Most Wanted Top 10 Fugitives for 2007

America's Most Wanted
10: Alexis Flores: Five-year-old Iriana DeJesus was found sexually assaulted and strangled to death in an empty apartment complex near her house in 2000. For years, the case went unsolved, but in March, the FBI got the break they were looking for: a DNA match from convicted criminal Alexis Flores.

9: Dominic Lyde: Deputies in South Carolina say two fugitives still on the run after one of the country's largest armored car heists might just be staying close to home. Police say Dominic Lyde played a role in stealing nearly $10 million -- $5 million of which is still missing.

8: Derrick Benjamin: Deputies in South Carolina have already arrested five suspects who they believe were involved in the robbery. Detectives say that Derrick Benjamin was also involved.

7: Nai Yin Xue: Authorities in Los Angeles tell AMW that a multi-agency international task force is currently on the lookout for Nai Yin Xue, a self-proclaimed martial arts master accused of killing his wife in New Zealand and abandoning his 3-year-old daughter at a train station in Melbourne , Australia.

6: Patricio Sosa: Patricio Sosa was one of the ringleaders of an operation that imported women and children from Mexico and forced them into prostitution in Florida , according to authorities. Now, law enforcement wants to put the brakes on this alleged trafficker.

5: Rafael Cadena-Sosa: Like many young men, authorities say Rafael Cadena-Sosa went into the family business. Unfortunately, that business was human trafficking and prostitution, according to the FBI.

4: Carmela Cadena: Imagine being kidnapped from your home country, held captive, and forced to work as a prostitute. This is the fate of thousands of women and children who are smuggled into the U.S. every year. The FBI says they're kept in line by women like Carmela Cadena, a member of the Cadena-Sosa family who is alleged to run a major trafficking and prostitution enterprise.

3: Paul Jackson: Cops say that when Paul Erven Jackson went to visit his brother, the pair didn't engage in the usual family bonding. Instead, they lured teenage girls back to a homemade sex-torture chamber. While Jackson is still on the run, Vance Roberts turned himself in back in September of 2006 and was convicted on June 6, 2007 after an hour of jury deliberation on 24 counts of charges ranging from first-degree kidnap to first-degree rape. On August 3, 2007, Judge Timothy Alexander sentenced Roberts to 108 years in prison.

2: Robert Bowman: AMW tipsters are telling cops exactly where they've seen 71-year-old accused killer Robert Bowman. Cops say the strongest tips are out of southern California and Sin City : tipsters have spotted Bowman living on the strip in Las Vegas as a homeless man. None of the sightings have been confirmed but cops are working to pinpoint any location that Bowman may have been recently. Since 1967, Ohio cops say Robert Bowman has literally gotten away with murder. They say science has finally caught up to the accused killer, and DNA irrefutably ties him to the abduction, rape and murder of 14-year-old Eileen Adams in Toledo , Ohio some 40 years ago.

1: If we told you before Saturday night, we would have to kill you.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

America's Most Wanted to Feature Chicago Drug Conspiracy Case and Unknown Chicago Jane Doe

America's Most WantedUnknown Rashawn Brazell Killer: Police in New York want to know who would want to decapitate 19-year-old Rashawn Brazell, stuff his body parts into trash bags and leave them in a New York Subway station. That's why they've turned to AMW to help solve this gruesome murder. AMW received lots of tips the first two times we aired this story. Now, cops hope the third time is a charm in finding Rashawn's killer.

James Bell: Parents near Providence , R.I. , were in for the shock of their lives when they found out that James Bell -- the trusted gymnastics coach at a local YMCA -- was accused of molesting their children. What's more, cops say this is just one incident in a long history of sexual abuse and manipulation. But now, Bell has disappeared, and police are on the manhunt for a predator they say is responsible for victimizing girls across the country.

Troy Bolin: Police say although fugitive Troy Lane Bolin might be a thin, scruffy looking guy, he's as dangerous as child predators come. Bolin is wanted for molesting two young girls repeatedly over the course of several years.

Evelyn Guzman: Evelyn Guzman was only spotted once by FBI agents, but what they saw was enough to convince them that she was part of a large drug conspiracy that been operating for months in Chicago.

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until it was completed. Cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job. But he might not have known his girlfriend as well as he thought, because she wasn't going down without a major fight.

Augusto Rodriguez: Most fugitives will do anything to avoid being recognized -- use an alias, change their hairstyle, you name it. But the FBI says one Pennsylvania kidnapper has gone even further. According to reports, Augusto Rodriguez is so afraid of getting caught, he may have taken on the ultimate disguise -- dressing like a woman.

Unknown Chicago Jane Doe: Chicago Police are doing everything they can to identify an unknown murder victim, even reaching out to one of AMW's favorite crimefighters for help -- forensic artist Karen Taylor. With Karen's illustrations and clay recreations, Windy City detectives are hoping someone recognizes the victim and that will lead them to her killer.

Mark Everett: Once upon a time, Mark Everett was a child actor who craved time in front of the camera. Now, cops say he's a killer on the lam who's doing everything he can to stay out of sight -- and his run from justice isn't easy with a kid in tow.

Bobby Weatherton: U.S. Marshals say Bobby Weatherton -- accused of rape, kidnapping, attempted murder and violating his federal probation -- very nearly killed a female friend he'd assaulted and held prisoner. She managed to escape, and now the Feds are hot on Bobby's trail.

Shorty Rodriguez: Police announced the capture of a suspected career criminal -- Ronald "Shorty" Rodriguez -- at a press conference Thursday in New York . Nassau County , N.Y. cops say it all went down in the picturesque beach resort of Coney Island after Shorty's family saw him on AMW; police believe people close to Rodriguez turned on him to save themselves from getting into serious trouble. Rodriguez is now in custody awaiting trial on a number of charges.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

America's Most Wanted to Feature the Murder of Sean Taylor & Baby Grace

America's Most WantedEric Rosenstrom: Eric Rosenstrom likes to write murder mysteries, but police say the fatal shooting of a hotel owner on August 16, 2001 is no whodunit -- they believe Rosenstrom is the perp. But with his vast knowledge of law enforcement, he could be tough to catch.

Unknown Sean Taylor Killer: Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, 24, was shot in the upper leg during a home invasion early Monday morning and passed away early Tuesday after losing a significant amount of blood from a damaged artery. A suspect still has not been named in the shooting.

Unknown “Baby Grace” Killer: Cops in Galveston County are waiting for DNA results to confirm that 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers is the young girl they've lovingly referred to as Baby Grace. Cops have charged Riley's mother, 19-year-old Kimberly Dawn Treno, and 24-year-old Royce Clyde Zeigler with injury to a child and tampering with physical evidence. In the meantime, cops are still looking into dozens of leads related to young girls who haven't been accounted for.

Madeleine McCann: Possible new evidence in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann breathed new life into the toddler's case this month when a bag of clothing was found just an hour away from the holiday villa where Madeleine vanished. Despite so much time having passed since she went missing, Madeleine's parents remain optimistic.

Tanya Diane Brown: Cops say when Tanya Diane Brown learned it was likely she would lose custody of her children, she packed all their bags and vanished in March 2005. Weeks later, when police arrived at a motel in San Ysidro , Calif. , they found evidence proving they had just missed Brown and her young kids. Among the personal items left behind, authorities found a journal written by Brown's oldest daughter, Tori, describing her desperation and fear of being forced into a life of hiding.

Jenny Liang: Hot tempered Jenny Liang has a violent history with the men in her life. According to Las Vegas police her jealousy boiled over to murder when she shot her wealthy boyfriend in the head. Liang skipped to Hong Kong, but now cops believe she may be back in Nevada.

Latasha Norman: Stanley Cole, 23, was charged with hitting 20-year-old Latasha Norman this past October. Seven days after Latasha went missing, her body has been found and Cole was arrested for something much more sinister: he has been charged with murder.

Kyle Fleischmann Missing: Family, friends, and classmates of Kyle Fleischmann started a page on the popular social networking website Facebook to connect with each other and spread news of the missing 24-year-old. Now, the group has over 60,000 members and is still growing exponentially. Not only has the group become a useful way to swap updates, it has brought further media attention to the missing man's story.

Colin Jackson: Six-year-old Colin Jackson was supposed to visit his non-custodial father on August 27, 2007. But what was supposed to be a short visit soon turned into a disappearing act. Thanks to some astute librarians and some help from AMW, Colin and his father were found safe in a tiny western North Carolina town.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Whitey Bulger Makes Leap to The World's Most Wanted

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED becomes “The World’s Most Wanted” in a special broadcast Saturday, Nov. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Host John Walsh brings television’s top crime-fighting show to London to hunt for international fugitives including Whitey Bulger, the elusive Boston mobster who is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, and to search for new evidence in the disappearance of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann.

Bulger has been on the run for years, and possible sightings of him have been reported worldwide, most recently in Italy. AMW will reveal exclusive new information about the fugitive from some of the people who knew him best. In their first-ever television interviews, the convicted mob figure who gave Bulger his start in organized crime and Bulger’s former longtime girlfriend offer new insights and information about Bulger that viewers can use to help authorities finally track down this dangerous man. The story will also feature photos of Whitey Bulger that have never before been broadcast.

The episode will also include AMW’s investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, one of the world’s most closely watched missing-child cases. Recently, John Walsh met with Madeleine McCann’s parents to discuss their daughter’s disappearance. AMW correspondent John Turchin continues to cover the story from the tiny beach town of Praia da Luz, Portugal, where the girl vanished. Turchin analyzes the crime scene and breaks down possible scenarios of what may have happened to Madeleine—in an investigation that brings him face-to-face with the first official suspect in the case.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

America's Most Wanted: Featuring the Case of Stacy Peterson

America's Most WantedEdwin Pena: Police say Edwin Pena was the mastermind behind a computer hacking operation in which he stole almost $1 million without ever leaving his palatial Florida estate, without remorse or the fear of detection. They say he bought mansions, sports cars and a yacht, cavorted with beautiful women, and flaunted the cash he stole. More often than not, they say his victims -- companies that provide VOIP services -- had no idea they had been taken until it was all over. To help catch Pena, we’ve brought in Kevin Mitnick, a man police say is one of the world’s most notorious hackers. Tomorrow, Kevin is joining us in the office.

Henry Calucag: New Details: For nearly twenty years, cops say Henry Jacinto Calucag has been committing major white collar crimes in the island paradise of Hawaii . After his arrest on multiple theft and fraud charges involving a murdered business associate and his property, Calucag sat expressionless as the jury handed down guilty verdicts on eight of the nine charges against him in June. However, his luck finally ran out in September of 2007 when he was sentenced to 30 years in prison with a 10 year mandatory minimum prison term.

Stacy After a second search of the home of Drew and Stacy Peterson on Tuesday night, Sgt. Drew Peterson was questioned Wednesday before a Will County, Ill. grand jury. The jury proceedings remain secret and no one knows if the questioning was directed at the recent disappearance of Sgt. Peterson's fourth wife or the unusual death of his third. Also on Wednesday, Will County Coroner Patrick O'Neil announced that he thought third wife Kathleen Savio's death should have been ruled "undetermined" and not "accidental." This, on the same day that AMW revealed documents about years of alleged abuse that Kathleen suffered at the hands of Drew Peterson. Meanwhile, more than 70 people showed up to volunteer with Texas-based Equusearch as they searched the woods near the Peterson home for a second day in a row. Stacy Peterson, the 23-year-old fourth wife of longtime Bolingbrook police officer Sgt. Drew Peterson, 53, has been missing since Sunday, October 28. She is the mother of two young children and the adoptive mother of two of Drew Peterson's other sons.

Hawaii Serial Killer: TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Cops say that the similarities in the brutal attacks of three Kauai women, which ultimately resulted in two murders, are astonishing. In every case, they were white, between 5'0" and 5'2" tall, and each woman weighed about 100 lbs. The women were in their late-30's to mid-40's, and all the victims lived similar Bohemian lives near the beach. Police in the island paradise of Hawaii have searched for a possible serial killer for years, and now hope that AMW viewers can help bring these tragic cases to a close.

Fairmount Park Rapist: After four years of silence, DNA evidence confirms that the Fairmont Park Rapist has struck again. Cops in Philadelphia have linked an August 11 attack to several others, including one that resulted in the death of a 21-year-old woman. Check out My Fox Philadelphia for continuing coverage and stay with for the latest in this case.

Donna Paradis: U.S. Marshals in Maine are searching for a 38-year-old pregnant mother of two who was last seen on October 23, 2007. Police say Donna Paradis was last seen at a local bank, but no one has heard from her since.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Latest on America's Most Wanted

America's Most WantedNew York/Florida Serial Rapist Capture: AMW has repeatedly profiled the story of a courageous homeless woman who fought off a man who was raping her and in the process, grabbed the chain that dangled around his neck. The New York Police Department's Manhattan Special Victim's Unit has been just as vigilant - working with the victim and trying to find out who that chain belonged to. Nearly two years later, that chain, and the DNA on it has led to the arrest of 43-year-old Louis Alfonso. Cops have charged him with rape and attempted murder in the New York case, and believe he's responsible for a number of other vicious attacks. This Saturday night, we’ll give you all the details on Alfonzo’s arrest.

William Greer: When America 's Most Wanted aired William Greer's story in July, tips flowed in like the Mississippi River . Tip after tip said the fugitive was in New Orleans , so cops are pounding the pavement in the French Quarter right now -- along with the AMW team.

Helen Hill Killer: In New Orleans , young filmmaker Helen Hill and her physician husband Paul were awakened by an intruder -- cops say the next thing they knew, he opened fire. According to police, Paul did the only thing he could, and acted as a human shield to protect his young son.

Pauley Perrette Update: This Saturday night, we’ll give you an update on AMW’s crime fighting partnership with NCIS star Pauley Perrette. Perrette teamed up with AMW to help investigators solve the murder of two young girls: Shannon Paulk in Prattville , Ala. and Raven Jeffries in Detroit . Perrette was touched by Shannon's story because of her own family ties to the Prattville area, so she donated a $10,000 reward to help catch Shannon 's killer.

School Safety: For many youths, going away to college brings about new responsibilities in their lives. Living away from home allows certain freedoms, but also exposes young adults to harsh new realities. This is particularly true when students begin living on their own away from campus. Students for the first time in their lives have to deal with things like paying the phone bill and making sure that rent is in on time. But it also means that they need to be much more aware of the potential dangers that exist once they leave the comfort and security of on-campus living.

Jennifer Birge: Jessica Birge is described as a sweet girl without an enemy in the world. But now, she's nowhere to be found. Police in Texas are looking for new clues in hopes of finding 25-year-old Birge, who went missing on Aug. 11, 2007. This week, join us in the search.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateDominic Lyde & Derrick Benjamin: Deputies in South Carolina have arrested five suspects in one major armored car robbery – with proceeds to the tune of nearly $10 million. But they say two other suspects are still on the run, and nearly $5 million is still missing. Only one of the suspects is older than 22. So what did they do with all that cash? They blew their loot on tattoos, cars and strippers. What else?

Richard Goldberg: Notorious accused pedophile Richard Goldberg is back in the U.S. The FBI Top Tenner was picked up north of the border and now Canadian authorities have deported him and turned him over to U.S. officials. Goldberg faces charges of molesting six young girls and producing child pornography.

Jon Schillaci: A family offered Jon Schillaci a new chance at life after he was released from prison in November 1999, but this registered sex offender paid their kindness with a parent’s worst nightmare. New Hampshire police say as soon as he moved into their home, he was back to his old perverted ways.

Joseph Duran: Police in Vacaville , Calif. are on the lookout for an 18-year-old suspect in the shooting of one of his former friends. Cops say that Joseph Stanley Duran shot and killed 19-year-old Angelo Hurst during a drive-by shooting on June 20, 2007. Authorities tell AMW that Hurst wasn’t the intended target—Duran was aiming for someone else and Hurst was simply caught in the crosshairs in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, Duran’s on the rune and cops are hoping that AMW viewers can help to pinpoint his whereabouts.

David Atwood: On February 24, 2005 David Atwood was released on parole, after serving ten years for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy. After his release, cops say it didn’t take long for Atwood to become a repeat offender. He has been on the rune since allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted yet another child.

Pablo Castro: Cops in New York are trying to track down convicted felon Pablo Castro. They say the Colombian national has snuck into the U.S. and is recruiting day laborers to burglarize affluent homes. Connected to more than 20 crimes, cops say Castro could be laying low in New York or hiding out in New Jersey.

Rizwan Chuadhary: It's Christmas Eve in East Brunswick , NJ , and a woman and her 9-year-old son are on their way to church. Minutes later, police say Rizwan Chaudhary plows into their minivan at 91 miles an hour, killing the young boy -- now authorities hope to put Chaudhary on a collision course with justice.

Raven Jeffries: In August 2006, 7-year-old Raven Jeffries was playing outside of her home in Detroit , Mich. , when her brother says he stepped away from her for just a moment. Just days after her disappearance, police say that her burned body was found in a field in a neighboring town. Now, AMW is teaming up with Pauley Perrette from the hit crime drama NCIS to help solve the case.

Shannon Paulk: At around 2:30 p.m., two of Shannon's friends were on a walk through the trailer park, when they saw Shannon talking to an unfamiliar man. Nearby was a white, four-door car, with red clay mud on the back. They went up to talk to Shannon , but she didn't introduce them to the newcomer, so they figured she didn't really know him very well. The girls talked briefly, then parted ways. When Shannon's friends passed by again half an hour later, Shannon , the mysterious man, and the car were all gone. Shannon was never seen again. Now, this Saturday night, AMW is teaming up with Pauley Perrette, the star of the prime time crime drama NCIS, to help investigators solve Shannon ’s murder as well as the murder of Raven Jeffries.

Camille Cleverley: Investigators tell AMW that a questionable ATM purchase made with missing BYU student Camille Cleverley's ATM card may help in ascertaining what happened to the missing 22-year-old. Cops say that around 11 a.m. on August 31, the day after Camille was last seen, her ATM card was used to purchase two bottles of juice and some doughnuts. Unfortunately, the convenience store's security cameras were not operational when the transaction was made and subsequent police interviews with the cashier have not yielded a positive identification of exactly who used Camille's card to make the purchase. Tune in this Saturday night to help us put the clues together and bring Camille home.

Jelmo Kirkland: The Citgo gas station in Miami Gardens , Fla. was full of people on January 20, 2007, but police say that didn't stop a man known as "Skeebo" from pulling out a gun and opening fire on a car. Now, this week we’ll try to track him down and put him behind bars., Inc.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate for 8/25

Paul Eischeid: The ATF and police in Tempe , Ariz. have charged outlaw biker Paul Eischeid with an act of savagery in the desert. They say he killed a woman who visited a Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club in 2003. Now, they need your help to get their hands on him.

East Coast Bandits:
First, it was a bank in Chicopee , Mass. Then, Cranston , R.I. Now, the FBI says the same group of thugs has robbed a bank on New York ’s Long Island . Investigators say these guys are dangerous – and they’re wielding some big weapons. Check out to learn more about where they could be hiding out now. Then, tune in this week to help us bring these bandits down.

Operation Falcon 2007: AMW has teamed up with the U.S. Marshals Service for the third year in a row running a dragnet operation designed to round up as many wanted fugitives as possible. The nationwide sting -- known as Operation Falcon -- has seen great success in years past, and this year cops expect much of the same. Two of the Marshal’s Top 15 are known to have close ties with the biker community, and this Saturday night, AMW correspondent John Turchin will take you to Sturgis , S.D. for one of the biggest biker rallies in the world. Tune in, and help us put away a few bad news bikers.

Michael Alexander: It took two tries to find Michael Alexander but NYPD has finally got him. An AMW tipster first told police that Michael Alexander was hiding out in a Brooklyn apartment. When police went to get him on May 29, 2007, they could smell the marijuana coming from his room, but Alexander had already jumped out the window. It took authorities another day to catch up to him. Alexander put up his hands and told police,"I'm tired of running."

Carl Dinatale: Police say Carl Dinatale isn't the most creative felon in the world, and that he allegedly robbed dozens of jewelry stores all along the East Coast. But thanks to great police work and some help from AMW, the crooked thief is behind bars.

Vincent Ledoux: For ten years, Vincent Ledoux was able to hide out and make a new life for himself. But thanks to an AMW viewer, the accused sexual predator is in custody, and AMW was there for the takedown. Tune in this Saturday night for the full story on our 945th direct-result capture.

Raymond Gates: With the help of an AMW tipster, Raymond Gates is finally in police custody. New Mexico cops collaborated with the U.S. Marshals in Texas to take down the wanted sex offender on June 26, 2007, making him direct capture #950.

Jose Perez: In December 2004, after a night of partying and drinking - a regular occurrence in the Perez household - Ingrid went to her room to go to bed, cops say. But, a few hours later, Ingrid woke up and her father was in her room. Cops say what happened next is one of the most tragic crimes in America .

Jenna Nielsen Killer: The search continues for Jenna Nielsen's killer. When we first aired her story, tips streamed into our hotline. One in particular stood out. Police in Mississippi had arrested a perp known as the "Baby-Face Rapist". His resemblance to the Raleigh composite sketch is uncanny - close enough to warrant a trip to follow this compelling lead. This week, we need your help to get justice for the Nielsen family.

Chi Du: When a jealous ex spotted his former girlfriend with another man, he decided that if he couldn't have her, then no one would. Police say a brutal attack soon followed, and Chi Du left two stunned victims behind.

Stanley Obas: Pennsylvania detectives haven't given up tracking down a man accused of torturing and murdering a 13-year-old girl, then burying her body in a cemetery 11 years ago. This Saturday, we need your help to put him away for good.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

America's Most Wanted for 8-18-07 on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate
Roy “Bubba” Massey: Massey was first featured on AMW back in 1992, and now he’s back for me more. After a stint in prison, police say he had no intention of going back—even if it meant leading officers on high-speed chases all over the south. On, you can see video of one of his infamous chases.

Unknown Newark Shooters: New Jersey authorities are working around the clock in their search for 24-year-old Rodolfo Godinez, a Nicaraguan national wanted in connection with the execution style slaying of three college students in Newark . Last week, police arrested two 15-year-old juveniles and 28-year-old Jose Carranza, an undocumented illegal immigrant from Peru in relation to the killings.

Unknown Sgt. Reyka Killer: More than 200 investigators from the Broward County, Fla. Sheriff’s Office and other agencies are searching South Florida for the man responsible for the murder of veteran deputy Sgt. Chris Reyka early last Friday morning. Now, authorities need your help to bring his killer to justice. You can see surveillance footage of the car cops think the killer was driving on

Book of Days: After almost 30 years of waiting, Pulitzer Prize-winning “Opus” cartoonist Berkely Breathed is working with AMW to help solve a mystery—and catch the man who murdered one of Austin ’s brightest stars. Learn more about the death of Michael Cahill at, and see why investigators think his killer may have chose his victims from a local calendar. A calendar called The Book of Days.

Juan Bautista: Nearly four years after Chris Applegate’s life was destroyed by an accused drunk driver, her family has vowed to change the law they say allowed the suspect to get away. Cops say in New Jersey , a person charged with a felony offense is only required to pay 10% of the stated bail in order to be released. Bautista did just that; he paid only 2,000 of the set 20,000 dollars and was never heard from again. If the Applegate’s get their way, anyone accused of a felony will be required to pay the entire bail amount before being set free.

William Santos: Police say illegal alien William Roberto Santos was considered a trusted member of his community, and was a dedicated member of his church. But police say this farm laborer had a dark secret, and it wasn’t long before the whole community had figured out what he was really up to. Cops say Santos was regularly raping an 11-year-old boy, but by the time anyone found out, Santos hit the road. On, we have info on where we think this suspected child offender may be hiding out. Tune in this week to help us put him in cuffs.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate 8/11/2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate
Richard McNair: In 1987, Richard Lee McNair killed a man during a burglary attempt in North Dakota . He was captured shortly after, but a long prison term wasn’t what he had in mind. Cops say he packaged himself in prison mail bags, and literally mailed himself to freedom. Since then, McNair has had several close calls with the law. Now, this week, AMW correspondent Michelle Sigona tries to put McNair back behind bars for good. Saturday night, you’ll see her re-enact McNair’s bizarre escape plan, from start to finish.

Newark Student Shooters: What began as a typical summer night for four students in Newark , New Jersey ended in a senseless blood bath in the parking lot of Mount Vernon Elementary School . Sources say Natasha Aerial, who was shot in the head, saved her life by playing dead. But unfortunately, her three friends were murdered execution style just minutes later. Police have already made two arrests in the case, and say there could be more.

Walentina Knapek
: Police say Walentina Knapek has been ripping off supermarkets and large retail stores all over the county for over 25 years. Cops say she poses as a deaf mute and tries to convince store clerks they’re giving her incorrect change. Surprisingly, she’s succeeded several times. Last month, it looked like we finally had a break in the case when cops arrested a woman who allegedly scammed a store out of $200. But as it turns out, the suspect wasn’t Knapek. Hopefully with your help this week, we can finally track her down.

Wedding Dress Attacker: For 15 years someone has been targeting women who have advertised wedding gowns for sale. Cops say the suspect sets up a meeting with the guise of being interested in purchasing a dress. But while he’s there, he attempts to sexually assault the women. Jeffrey Mullins was arrested in connection to the case, but police say there’s a chance he’s not the Wedding Dress Attacker. More suspects could be identified soon.

Arturo Munguia: For nine years, police have been on the hunt for a man named Jessi Vega in connection to the murder of Tricia Beristain. Now, cops tell AMW that they’ve learned the man’s real name is Arturo Munguia. And we’re closer than ever to bringing him down. Help us put Munguia in cuffs.

Brossman Killer: Billy Brossman was working at Bower’s 7th and 70 Liquor Store in Indiana the day after Thanksgiving in 2001 when an unidentified man entered the store. Unfortunately, cops say the man had other plans than just purchasing alcohol. Surveillance tapes show the man removing his gun from his waistband, demanding money from the register, and then leading Billy to the back of the store to kill him. We need your help in identifying this cold-blooded killer.

Sophie David: Cops say Sophie David expected a life of luxury when she moved to Los Angeles . But police think when she began suspecting her husband was cheating on her, she killed him. Now, 16 years later, the trail has gone cold. And cops need your help in tracking David down.

Michael Alexander: Cops say Michael Alexander is suspected of killing his uncle so he could inherit the home of his late aunt. On May 29th, an AMW viewer tipped off police that Alexander was hiding out in his Brooklyn apartment. But when cops arrived, he already escaped through the window. A day later, Alexander was captured; making him AMW Direct Result # 942.

Raymond Gates: With the help of an AMW tipster, Raymond Gates is finally in police custody. New Mexico cops collaborated with the U.S. Marshals in Texas to take down the wanted sex offender on June 26, 2007, making him direct capture #950.

Carl Dinatale: Police say Carl Dinatale robbed dozens of jewelry stores all along the East Coast. But, thanks to great police work and some help from AMW, the crooked thief is behind bars.

Vincent Ledoux: For ten years, Vincent Ledoux was able to elude the long arm of the law. But thanks to an AMW viewer, the accused sexual predator is in custody, and we were there for the takedown.

Friday, July 27, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate
Rebekah Johnson: In 2006, John Walsh named Rebekah Johnson one of the year’s most wanted fugitives. And last month, police finally picked her up. But despite cops finding an AK-47 and nearly 1000 rounds of ammo in her apartment, Johnson entered a not guilty plea to a New York judge a few weeks ago.

Jean-Marie Jean-Francois: To many of those who knew him, Jean-Marie Jean-Francois was a friendly, church going man. But cops say he had a dark side. According to them, Jean-Francois practiced voodoo and abused his long-time girlfriend, Fritz-Anna. Finally, a restraining order was filed against him, and that’s when police say he exploded—killing Fritz-Anna, and hitting the road.

Cornell & Story Killers: 17 years ago, Robin Cornell and Lisa Story were killed in Cape Coral , Fla. Now, police say all their leads have dried up and they need your help this week in re-opening this cold case.

Guillermo Ramirez: When Amber Fish wrote a letter to America ’s Most Wanted about the rape she suffered at the hands of Guillermo Ramirez, we were touched. In 1992, Ramirez was arrested, but cops say he got out on bond and made a break for it. Now, 15 years later, Amber is still looking for justice. Police say if Ramirez has left the U.S. east coast, then he’s probably in the Philippines . This week, you can help us finally put an end to his run.

Igor Koumlikov: Cops say rumors were swirling around Detroit that somebody killed Jan Jasinski and buried her in her own backyard. Now that police have found the body, they’ve narrowed their list of suspects down to one man—a man by the name of Igor Koumlikov. Koumlikov has been on the run for seven years, and by now could’ve made it out of the U.S. On AMW.COM, we not only have photos of Koumlikov but also of the hole where cops say Jan’s body was found.

Adamson Killer: The Colombia River Gorge that divides Oregon and Washington is a picturesque destination for many sightseers. But last September, the area became a grisly crime scene. Dismembered body, including the victim’s hand, began washing ashore. Police were able to identify the John Doe as Douglas Adamson. Now it’s our job to figure out who killed him, and why.

Friday, July 06, 2007

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate for 7-7-07

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered on AMW's upcoming episodes for Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateJimmy Trindade Missing: Jimmy Trindade was a “man’s man” who loved taking long fishing trips off the coast of Florida . But last year, during one of his regular voyages—he mysteriously disappeared. Police have offered a number of possibilities as to what could’ve happened—everything from Jimmy falling overboard to a case of modern day pirates. And now, his family and friends have asked for AMW to help. Tune in this week and join the search for Jimmy Trindade.

Riyad Mohamad Hamdan: Riyad Hamdan is a convicted sex offender who police say was apprehended back in 1994. But now, they say he’s violated his parole and could be molesting children again. This week, we need your help tracking him down before anyone else is hurt.

Kevin Murden: Police say an altercation in a Harrisburg , Pa. led to a full-fledged bar brawl. In the midst of which Kevin Murden allegedly shot a man. Now, months later, police are still on his trail.

David Block: According to cops, in 2002, David Block gave a 14-year-old a spiked drink and committed a horrible crime. A friend of the victim’s family, Block accompanied them during a Florida vacation. But while the family was away, Block allegedly raped their teenage daughter. Now, five years later, he’s still on the lam. This week, we hope to put an end to his run.

Elias Urioste: Cops say Elias Urioste committed a brutal crime last winter. He allegedly attacked a New Mexico man; shooting him, forcing him to drink gasoline, and then setting him on fire. Urioste is wanted for first-degree murder and this week, and with your help this week, we can haul him in.

Chanel Petro-Nixon: Do you remember what it was like to be 16? It's supposed to be one of the best years of a girl's life. But last year, Chanel Petro-Nixon's glory days were cut short. She disappeared on June 18th, and four days later, her body was found in a trash bag in the middle of her bustling Brooklyn neighborhood. Now, a year after the murder-- nobody's forgotten and we're not giving up until we find her killer.

Mark Petersimes: Petersimes is on the run after police say he broke off his monitoring device and busted out of a Dallas halfway-house. Considering his past sexual assaults convictions, cops think he has the potential to strike again. This week, we’ll do everything we can to bring him down.

Jennifer Nielsen: 22-year-old Jennifer Nielsen was a paper delivery girl for USA Today. She was also about to give birth to her first born child. But last month, her life came to a tragic end when she was brutally stabbed to death. Police found a knife at the scene but have been unable to identify a suspect. We’re banking on this week being the week somebody comes forward.

Mike Torres: Miguel “Mike” Torres and his girlfriend Barbara seemed like the perfect match. But according to police, Barbara had no idea that Torres was waiting until after they were married to reveal his dark, and violent side.

Jerry Ambrozuk: Ambrozuk spent 24 years on the run after allegedly crashing a rental plane in Montana and leaving his girlfriend to die. America ’s Most Wanted’s longest running fugitive was captured at his home in Texas last year, and now we have the update on his trial and the verdict.

Kelly Nolan: Kelly Nolan disappeared from a Madison , Wis. bar only a few weeks ago. Now family friends have a lot of questions, and this week, we’re going to do our best to give them some answers.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate for 6-30-07

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered on AMW's upcoming episodes for Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateLyle Baade: In September of 1993, 59-year-old heart patient Lyle Baade got a new lease on life. A tragic twist of fate gave him the transplant he needed to survive—Lyle received the heart of a 16-year-old murder victim by the name of Benny Zweigle. Seven years later, alive and well in Arizona , Baade was attending a homeowner’s meeting. Suddenly, a disgruntled neighbor by the name of Richard Glassel burst into the room--opening fire on the homeowner’s committee. Witnesses say Baade sprang into action. It was almost as if Benny, the 16-year-old heart donor was acting from beyond the grave.

Vicki Ragins Hero: In December of 2004, Shahidah Harley, her five children, and her sister Sheba were headed home to Atlanta after Thanksgiving. Shahidah lost control of her car and swerved into a water-filled canal. At the same time, 57-year-old Vicki Ragins was on her way to her son’s for breakfast. She saw Shahidah sitting on the side of the road in shock that while most of her family escaped the canal, her 13-month-old was still trapped in the car. Vicki’s terrified of water, but that didn’t stop her from diving in and saving the child’s life.

Michel Barrera: Police say Michel Barrera is responsible for the armed robbery of two Florida banks, and the attempted murder of Miami-Dade police officers in 1998. Now, seven years later, there’s still no trace of Barrera—and police are looking to AMW to track him down.

Stepha Henry: Friends and family of Stepha Henry say it would be very unlike for her to run away. The 22-year-old law school hopeful from New York disappeared last month while vacationing in Florida . Hopefully this week, AMW viewers can re-unite her with her family.

New York/Florida Serial Rapist: In August of 2005, a 68-year-old homeless woman was raped in Westside Manhattan. Police say that they may have found the man responsible, and that he could be behind brutal rapes in Florida and New York . This week we’ll feature interviews with Jacqueline, the courageous 68-year-old New York determined to fight back.

Israel Corral: Cops say Israel Corral was responsible for distributing guns and drugs all over the city of Detroit . He’s made big bucks in the process. This week, police are hoping that AMW tipsters can help track him down.

Cyril Byrd: While attending a New Year’s party in 1998, police say Byrd opened fire on a crowd of people—striking and killing one man. Now, nine years later, Byrd is still on the run. Cops if he’s not still in Ohio , he could be in California.

Joseph Fontana: Cops say Joseph Fontana seemed like a good guy. But upon moving to Fort Walton Beach , Florida —his true identity was revealed. Fontana allegedly made a new friend with her two young sons. What his new friend didn’t know is that Fontana was sexually molesting the boys for years.

Duane Bedford: Duane Bedford was a Philadelphia man who police say has a hot temper. And on May 28, 2006, after a neighbor accused him of breaking a window—witnesses say that Bedford exploded, shooting and killing his long time acquaintance. A year later, we’re making it our job to track Bedford down.

Jason Brown: Jason Brown has been an “AMW Dirty Dozen” member for quite a while now. He earned his spot by allegedly killing a Dunbar armored car driver in front of a Phoenix , Ariz. Multiplex in 2005. Cops say Brown is a one of the worst of the worst, but AMW viewers have already provided some great tips that have this fugitive feeling the heat.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate Search for Jessie Marie Davis

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered on AMW's upcoming episodes for Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateJessie Marie Davis: This week, AMW is joining the search for the missing Ohio woman Jessie Marie Davis. Jessie is due to give birth to a baby girl on July 3rd and was reported missing on June 15th. Equusearch, a private, nonprofit search group from Texas , who has helped in other high profile cases recently joined the effort.

Mad Hatter: Attempting to rob his 17th bank, the New Jersey Mad Hatter got a red face. Much to his surprise, a teller slipped a dye pack in with the stolen cash, and when he tried to flee, it exploded. Cops say they’re hot on his tail. This week, hopefully we can put an end to his run.

Mikhail Drachev: This week we’ll recap the capture of suspected killer Mikhail Drachev. Cops say after fleeing to Canada , Drachev settled down with a new love interest. But before long, his new girlfriend spotted him on AMW.COM. A few phone calls later, Drachev was in custody as AMW’s 933rd direct-result.

Emanuel Carlos Veiga: Florida cops say that accused child rapist Emanuel Carlos Veiga cut off his tracking device and hit the road. He may be traveling with his girlfriend, Janaina Borges.

Dontay Brannon: Cops say due to a clerical error, accused killer Dontay Brannon walked right out of prison. Now police say they think he’s hiding out in New Jersey.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate for 6-9-07

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered to highlight AMW's upcoming Episodes on Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateJason Howard: Jewel and Mildred Cleveland had not been heard from for over a month. Then, 2004, police found their bodies buried in their own barn. Their mentally ill son Jason Howard has been missing since, and police believe he may be responsible for their deaths.

The Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter got his nickname by wearing a different style cap for all 17 of his New Jersey bank robberies. Now, he has a new look—a red face. No, it’s not because he’s embarrassed. It’s because during his latest bank robbery, the dye pack exploded all over him as he fled the scene. Now police say they’re hot on his trail.

Unknown Usha Taneja Killer: Usha Taneja’s son was about to get married—she had been waiting for this day for years. But the night before the wedding, Usha disappeared. She was found dead on the sidewalk just blocks from her home, and now police are looking for her killer.

Derrick Lloyd: On New Year’s Day in 1991, cops say a man told Derrick Lloyd to watch the tone of his voice. Lloyd didn’t take kindly to this, and allegedly shot the man in the face. Since then, he’s been on the run. Police think he’s probably hiding out in Jamaica or Boston , Mass.

Joseph Jermaine Woodbury Jr.: In 2005, Ricky Lamar Cooke was found shot to death on a rural road in South Carolina . And now, cops are looking for a man who they say may know something about what happened—his name is Joseph Woodbury.

Jerry Otis Robinson: Jerry Robinson had what seemed like an average relationship with his girlfriend Stacie. But in 1999, what started as a normal dinner date turned into a nightmare for Stacie. Cops say Robinson was going through some hard times, and after the couple split up, he out his frustration by shooting his girlfriend several times. Luckily, Stacie survived, but police say Robinson is on the run and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Bablu Hassan: Cops say when 5-year-old Chastity Adams woke up when she heard Bablu Hassan arguing with her mother. When Chastity realized that things were about to turn violent, she got in the way. Police say Chastity was slashed across the stomach before Hassan killed her mother. Now, Bablu is in big trouble and on the run. Some reports have him all the way in Bangladesh.

Friday, June 01, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most WantedAmerica's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered to highlight AMW's upcoming Episode.

Omar Mora is our lead story right now. Mora is an Indiana man who police say opened fire on his wife and another man in a deadly love triangle. According to cops, Mora should be considered armed and very dangerous.

Additional features include:

Jose Garcia: Kentucky police say that Jose “Joey” Garcia brutally attacked and raped a co-worker in 2004. A matching DNA test came back linking Garcia to the crime, but he went into hiding before police could get to him.

Alexis Flores: Flores had been convicted of felonies before, but now police suspect that he is responsible for the horrifying murder of 5-year-old Ariana DeJesus in 2000. The identity of Ariana’s killer was a mystery to investigators until 2007 when the FBI in Philadelphia got a break when DNA from the crime scene matched that of DeJesus.

Midtown Jane Doe: When construction workers started working to renovate a Manhattan apartment building once known for attracting prostitutes and pimps, they dug up something horrifying—the skeleton of a young woman. Investigators are now piecing together clues in hopes to figure out who she was, and who might’ve killed her.

Shane Magan: Magan is a young man from California with a troubled past. As a child, he was placed in a foster home after his mother abandoned him. Now, what was bad has only gotten worse. Cops say Magan’s on the run after shooting a cop.

Unknown Chris Mader Update: Chris Mader was a 24-year-old Maryland man with big dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster. But then, on Thanksgiving morning in 2004, Mader was tragically shot and killed by an unknown assailant. Police are hoping a new sketch will give them what they need to get closure for Chris’ family.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

America's Most Wanted Teams with The Chicago Syndicate

The Chicago Syndicate has recently entered into a partnership with the hit TV show, America's Most Wanted.

American's Most Wanted: America Fights Back is in its 19
th season and airs Saturdays (9-10 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX with John Walsh is the host. As a result, you will periodically get a preview of upcoming episodes along with other related information. While not all of their stories and fugitives will focus on organized crime, I think the quality of the show and their impressive results will have me initially sharing most of the material that they provide me. Should it deviate too much from the overall focus of this site, I might cut back in the future. Feel free to weigh in on this new development or on anything else.

AMW's big story this week is Paul Jackson. This is a guy from Oregon who teamed up with his brother to lure girls back to their house. When they got them there, they trapped them in a homemade sex-chamber and did unspeakable things.

Also, AMW is excited about the capture of Lizzette Garvin. She’s a con-woman from New York who got the detective’s number working the case, and started calling her. (Kind of like the movie “Catch Me If You Can”) She was captured as a direct-result of AMW within a day of the show airing.

Finally, in a couple weeks, AMW will have a big announcement on the show for the winner of the AMW All-Star contest.

For the third year in a row, the All-Star Challenge sponsored by the television show “America's Most Wanted” and Sprint continues to honor extraordinary first responders – law-enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and others – who are first to assist and go beyond the call of duty. This year’s winner, Officer Carl Andolina with the Buffalo (N.Y.) Police Department, will receive the grand prize of $10,000 and an all-star weekend at the 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge on May 19 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.

"We are very proud of all of this year’s eight finalists. They are extraordinarily dedicated people who put their hearts and souls into serving their communities, while risking their lives. We salute their valor and dedication," said program host John Walsh. "We're also thankful to Sprint for their commitment and for working and helping us to recognize and honor these heroes."

Last year Officer Andolina and his partner Officer Patricia Parete were seriously injured while responding to a fight in progress at a local convenience store. Both officers were shot and injured in this operation. While Andolina is recovering from his injuries, his partner was not so fortunate. Today, Officer Parete remains on a respirator undergoing a slow recovery. Andolina’s selfless actions are still evident as he assists in raising money and providing support for Parete’s family.

“This is such a great honor and I would like to thank the people of Buffalo, friends and family for their continuous generosity and support,” said Officer Carl Andolino. “There are not many programs out there that recognize law-enforcement officers for what they do in their day-to-day lives. Thank you to America’s Most Wanted and Sprint Nextel for supporting this contest and honoring the officers.”

“Sprint continues its efforts to support the public safety community and their mission of protecting our families,” says Leon Frazier, senior vice president of Enterprise and Public Sector for Sprint. “First responders rely on Sprint’s strong communication capabilities

- including the industry-leading Nextel Walkie-Talkie service, Priority Connect - for their day-to-day operations and also during emergencies. For us at Sprint, it is not an opportunity but an obligation to serve the first-responder community.”

An AMW All-Star is a sworn law-enforcement officer or a first responder who is dedicated to serving the public on the frontlines and has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This program recognizes eight all-stars in eight weeks selected by their peers and community by voting online at This year the voting period began in early February and concluded on May 8. The eight finalists selected this year were: Dale Farmer of the Kingsport (Tenn.) City Police Department; Manny Puri of the U.S. Marshals Service Manhattan (N.Y.); Carl Andolina of the Buffalo (N.Y.) Police Department; David James of the Richmond (Ga.) County Sheriff’s Office; Gary Toelke of the Franklin County (Mo.) Sheriff's Office Union; Jon Brough of the Belleville (Ill.) Police Department; Erik Workman of the Maryland State Police; and Thomas Colter of the Snipesville/Jeff Davis County (Ga.) Fire-Rescue. This year more than 2,000 nominations were received, including 617 submitted online.

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