The Chicago Syndicate: Completion of Project Elevate Gives Hope to Uptown’s Disabled Community

Monday, September 08, 2014

Completion of Project Elevate Gives Hope to Uptown’s Disabled Community

Uptown Baptist Church (UBC) hosted the grand opening of a new elevator on Sunday, September 7, 2014, at 10 a.m. For the very first time in a 35-year history, the historic church building will become accessible for the more than 3500 people with physical disabilities who live within rolling distance to its front door.

“UBC is dedicated to provide programs and services that meet the special needs of Uptown residents, including persons with disabilities,” said Rev. Michael N. Allen, UBC’s senior pastor. The grand opening event for Project Elevate is an extension of UBC’s ongoing ministry to meet the many challenges in Uptown. For over 30 years UBC members have fed the hungry, provided shelter to homeless women, and provided various immigrant groups with space to worship in their own language.  More recently, the church has cooperated in “Gun Turn In” programs organized by the Mayor’s Office.

The unveiling of a new elevator at Uptown will highlight the church’s current initiative to more effectively serve those with physical disabilities. “Within walking distance of our church are over 3500 persons with disabilities, and they all have an individual story,” said Allen. “Just think about what an elevator could mean to seniors who are plagued by painful arthritis and others on the street who struggle to get up our stairs.”

On hand to help dedicate the new elevator will be David Ring, an internationally-known speaker born with cerebral palsy. After being orphaned at an early age, Ring was cast about from “pillar to post.” Life seemed worse than hopeless to Ring until his relationship began with Jesus Christ, who taught him self-respect and an acceptance of his physical challenges. Now Ring shares his story with over 100,000 people each year at churches, conventions, schools, and corporate events.

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