The Chicago Syndicate: The Sopranos' for the first time on Blu-ray

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Sopranos' for the first time on Blu-ray

Often cited as one of the best TV productions of all time, drama series "The Sopranos" has yet to be released in its entirety in HD. This omission will soon be corrected with the release of a Blu-ray box set with the complete series on the mob boss Tony Soprano.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the six seasons of "The Sopranos" will be available in a single Blu-ray box set from November 4. Previously, only the first and sixth seasons had been released in HD.

The 86 episodes will come with over five hours of bonus content, all on 28 high-definition Blu-ray discs. Fans of the mafia drama can enjoy cut scenes, audio commentary tracks and roundtable discussions with the cast and crew.

The box set also includes "Defining a Television Landmark," a previously unreleased documentary with a run time of 45 minutes. Among those interviewed for the documentary are series creator David Chase, its star James Gandolfini, who died in June 2013, and Steve Buscemi, who contributed to the show's success on screen as well as from the director's chair. Steven Soderbergh and Jeff Daniels also contributed their commentary.

A touchstone of American TV culture, "The Sopranos" aired on HBO from 1999 to 2007. The series received around 60 awards in total, including 21 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes, and is widely considered as one of if not the best series in the history of television.

Regardless of where they place "The Sopranos" in their ranking of the best shows of all time, critics agree that the show revolutionized the mafia drama genre with its portrayal of Tony Soprano, the New Jersey mob boss who is forced by his panic attacks to see a shrink on the sly. The character experiences a long and difficult battle to reconcile the interests of his family with those of his organized crime network.

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