The Chicago Syndicate: Mystery/Thriller Reveals Effective Ways of How #ToCatchaRat

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mystery/Thriller Reveals Effective Ways of How #ToCatchaRat

Having the feeling of happiness whenever she sees her stories written and published, author Eileen M. Foti shares another masterpiece. Exciting readers, she tells a mystery/thriller that will bring everyone into the world of the mob. Heightening the level of suspense through each page, Foti reveals the effective ways of how “To Catch A Rat.”

A dead man was found in one of the famous stables in the area. As the police were investigating, they found out that the victim was the brother of the incumbent mayor of the city. Thus, it has been known that the mayor’s brother was killed. The day after the incident, the mayor himself was shot in his car. The day after the next, a shooting happened in a nearby racetrack. A string of unfortunate events seems to have struck the city.

Sergeant Finn is the one who handles the murder case; and he is well determined to uncover the mysterious death of the mayor’s brother. He will do all that it takes to find the culprit how muddy the investigation can get. As Sergeant Finn tries to solve the string of crimes, he will soon find out about the mob, Chicago with Big Joe and drugs, and money — all has got something to do with the series of incidences that sent shivers down the spine of every resident in the area. Now, Sergeant Finn has to connect the dots and expose the mind-boggling connection of the murders to the mob.

Interesting, this murder mystery will delight all aficionados of action, adventure and crime solving premises, and maybe teach them a thing or two on how “TO CATCH A RAT.”

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