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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Organized Crime and Facebook

A vast amount of modern organized crime in the U.S. and Canada revolves around high-tech scams, identity theft, and other cyber crimes.

Gone are the days, to a large degree, of the mob and its penchant for more "traditional" avenues of revenue like gambling rings, loan sharking, and basic theft.

Now, as the CBC reports, new data is revealing the face of organized crime in the 21st century, and its a face that hides behind some unlikely fronts.

Specifically, social networking sites and free classifieds forums are being used for a wide array of schemes, whether it is human trafficking via Craigslist, identity scams on Facebook, or Ponzi schemes advertised as legitimate business ventures on business forums.

The CBC cites Edmonton Police Service Chief Mike Boyd as noting the grim realities of these crimes, non-violent though they tend to be..

In Boyd's words:

Thousands of people in Canada are victims of [financial fraud] … and will recover little if any of their money...

A new annual report on organized crime compiled and published by Criminal Intelligence Service Canada was the source of much of this new data, collected in hopes of aiding in the fight against modern organized crime and its many branches.

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