The Chicago Syndicate: Last Photo of John Gotti Emerges

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Photo of John Gotti Emerges

Last Photo of John Gotti in PrisonHere's the last photo ever taken of John Gotti, the murderous degenerate who once headed the Gambino crime family. Gotti, the so-called Dapper Don, posed for the below Bureau of Prisons photo on October 17, 2001, less than eight months before he died, at age 61, at the federal prison hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

The Gotti image was released this week in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Smoking Gun. According to a BoP letter, the color image was Gotti's "institution commissary photo." The once-robust Gotti appears frail in the prison photo, which was snapped more than two years after the convicted killer was operated on for head and neck cancer.

Compare the above photo with that of perhaps of John Gotti's "rookie card". Unearthed from the files of New York's Suffolk County Police Department, the photo captures a Brylcreem-laden Gotti, then 24, following his March 1965 arrest for a botched burglary.

Young John Gotti

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  1. Well, what do people expect, the man was suffering from throat/mouth cancer while serving time in one of the hardest Federal Pens around, Marion, Il.! I doubt the doctors there share the same type of bed side manner as Gotti's other physicians on the outside.
    Rest In Peace Mr.Gotti...gone but never forgotten!