The Chicago Syndicate: Brother of Murder Victim Cheers Mob Trial's Guilty Verdicts

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brother of Murder Victim Cheers Mob Trial's Guilty Verdicts

A relative of a mob murder victim wasted no time applauding the guilty verdicts in the Family Secrets case.

As CBS 2's Mike Parker reports, prosecutors asked everyone involved in the trial not to talk to the media yet, but one man decided to speak out.

Ron Seifert seemed eager to talk about the guilty verdicts after a federal jury convicted five men Monday in a racketeering conspiracy that involved decades of extortion, loan sharking and 18 murders aimed at rubbing out anyone who stood in the way of the ruthless Chicago mob. "It makes you feel good. Anybody would feel good," Seifert said.

His brother Danny was one of the victims of the Chicago mob. Danny Seifert was just 29 years old and the owner of a Bensenville plastics factory. The feds say Joey "The Clown" Lombardo muscled in on the business, and then helped kill Seifert when it looked like he'd testify against the outfit guy in a fraud trial.

"I'm just glad they convicted Joey, that's all. Why? Because I think he was involved with my brother, killing my brother," Ron Seifert said.

Emma Seifert and her son Joe had little to say after the convictions were handed down by the jury. But in July, the widow of Danny Seifert told CBS 2 News about the murder, at a time when son Joseph was only four years old.

"… And then when the other one was struggling with my husband and he took Joseph and I into the bathroom and held a gun to my head and just told me to be quiet. The next thing I remember hearing was a gunshot," Emma Seifert said.

A known associate of convicted mobster James Marcello was distraught, and seen in tears after hearing the verdict. Prosecutors say Marcello was involved in the murders of rogue mobsters, the Spilotro brothers.

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