The Chicago Syndicate: James Bond Girl Target of Mafia Kidnapping Plot

Sunday, June 10, 2007

James Bond Girl Target of Mafia Kidnapping Plot

Friends of ours: Giuseppe Maniaci, Salvatore Micali

Bond Girl, Maria Grazia CucinottaA plan by Mafia mobsters planned to kidnap a stunning Bond girl to make a "sack of money" has been foiled.

The gang had planned to seize actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, 37, star of The World Is Not Enough and Il Postino, and hold her to ransom. But their daring plan was foiled by Italian police.

Details of the kidnap plot emerged in a court case involving mobsters Giuseppe Maniaci, 50, and Salvatore Micali, 38, from the Mafia's stronghold of Messina on the Italian island of Sicily. The pair, who were charged with extortion, hatched the plot in 1997.

Police intercepted telephone conversations of the pair hatching the plan. They are heard saying they could make "a sack of money" by kidnapping the actress.

Ms Cucinotta agent was reported to have said the actress had been unaware of the plot.

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