The Chicago Syndicate: Structure of a Mafia Crime Family

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Structure of a Mafia Crime Family

The "Honored Society" as the Mafia is commonly known among its members is structured much like a modern corporation in the sense that duties and responsibilities are disseminated downward through a "chain of command" that is organized in pyramid fashion.

1. Capo Crimini/Capo de tutti capi (super boss/boss of bosses)

2. Consigliere (trusted advisor or family counselor)

3. Capo Bastone (Underboss, second in command)

4. Contabile (financial advisor)

5. Caporegime or Capodecina (lieutenant, typically heads a faction of ten or more soldiers comprising a "crew.")

6. Sgarrista (a foot soldier who carries out the day to day business of the family. A "made" member of the Mafia)

7. Piciotto (lower-ranking soldiers; enforcers. Also known in the streets as the "button man.")

8. Giovane D'Honore (Mafia associate, typically a non-Sicilian or non-Italian member)

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