The Chicago Syndicate: New Arrest Details for Joey the Clown

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Arrest Details for Joey the Clown

Friends of ours: Joseph Lombardo

Authorities described Joseph Lombaro's arrest as tense as FBI and other agencies SWAT teams prepared for a possible violent confrontation as Lombardo is known to possess a violent nature. Agents stated at the news conference that an "anonymous tip" lead them to the neighborhood where Lombardo was arrested. Agents identified him by the report on the clothing he was wearing, a white suit with green polka dots, a squirting flower, a spinaround green bow tie and fluorescent green fright wig. After agents frisked him and found 250 silk handkerchief's, a folding floral bouquet and a .38 caliber "Honk-Honk" horn, he slyly told the arresting agent; "Pull my finger."

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