The Chicago Syndicate: Mobster Enchilada Recipe

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mobster Enchilada Recipe

Have a little something to eat mobster enchilada style:

2 The Mafia Cookbookchopped red or yellow onions
1 red bell pepper, chopped small
1 ½ pounds ground beef
Garlic salt
Ground cumin
Freshly ground black pepper
½ pound shredded Monterey Jack cheese (2 cups)
½ pound shredded cheddar cheese (2 cups)
8 ounces (1 cup) cottage cheese
1 package corn tortillas (50-count)
One 14-ounce can red enchilada sauce
One 14-ounce can chili, no beans
3 large tomatoes, cored, seeded, cut in tiny pieces
Salsa (to top)
Sour cream (to top)
Refried beans (optional)
Rice-A-Roni (optional)

Heat a little vegetable oil in a large frying pan. Saute half the onions and the bell pepper until translucent. Add the ground beef and brown it. Remove all of the fat from the pan. Season the meat with garlic salt, cumin and black pepper to taste.

Let the meat cool, then mix it with the Monterey Jack, cheddar and cottage cheeses and the remainder of the raw chopped onion.

Heat the enchilada sauce with the chili.

Heat the corn tortillas until soft. Place a few tablespoons of the filling on a tortilla and roll it up to look like a fat cigar. Place the rolled enchilada in a deep baking pan (ovenproof glass preferred). Repeat this process until all of the meat mixture is used. Pour the enchilada-chili sauce over the top of the enchiladas.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. Put some chopped lettuce and tomatoes on every enchilada that you eat, along with salsa and sour cream. You could also serve refried beans and Rice-A-Roni on the side.

Serves 12 to 16.

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