The Chicago Syndicate: Infrastructure of Chicago mob

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Infrastructure of Chicago mob

The 14 Operation Family Secrets defendants indicted on racketeering, conspiracy, or gambling charges are part of the Chicago Outfit, which makes money for members and associates through illegal activities.

The chain of command:

James Marcello
Leader of the Chicago Outfit, known as "No. 1"

Provides advice to the Boss

Second in command, also known as "No. 2," reports to Boss

Street boss/crew leader, reports to sotto capo

  • Frank Calabrese Sr., South Side/26th Street Crew capo, continued criminal activities from jail through Nicholas Ferriola and others.
  • Joseph Lombardo, Grand Avenue Crew capo

Generally given territories throughout Chicago. May include "made men" --trustworthy people--usually of Italian descent, who have murdered for the Outfit.

1. South Side/26th Street or Chinatown

  • Nicholas Ferriola - collected money made by extortion demands from Frank Calabrese.
  • Frank Saladino
  • Nicholas W. Calabrese - a "made man" and brother of Frank Calabrese Sr.

2. Grand Avenue

3. Melrose Park

  • Michael Marcello - kept his jailed brother James informed on activities. Michael operated an illegal video gambling business.

4. Elmwood Park

Assist the Chicago Outfit through criminal enterprise

  • Frank Schweihs - an enforcer, collected and imposed "street tax" for himself and other members.
  • Paul Schiro - a criminal associate of Frank Schweihs and deceased member Anthony Spilotro.
  • Employees of M&M Amusement: Joseph Venezia, Dennis Johnson and Thomas Johnson operated video gambling machines in Cicero, Berwyn.

Retired Chicago Cops

  • Michael Ricci - a retired Chicago police officer, assisted Frank Calabrese by delivering messages to crew members, collecting money generated by extortion demands and providing false information to FBI.
  • Anthony Doyle - a retired Chicago police officer, who tipped off Frank Calabrese Sr. of law enforcement investigations into the murder of John Fecarotta and whether individuals cooperated with police about mob activities.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

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